Wisconsin Chapter

Who Should Join and Benefits

When you become an FMS member, you associate yourself with an organization that is highly respected by the industry and the regulatory and accounting standard-setting bodies. You will develop a wider circle of contacts, increased knowledge and skill, and an influence on regulatory issues. The meetings provide a forum to discuss issues that affect your institution specifically as well as issues that affect the entire industry.  

Types of Membership

FMS maintains two types of membership, regular (financial institution employees) and affiliate (service providers).  These are local memberships which allow members to attend meetings and events at a discount to non-members.  There is a separate national membership which provides access to valuable webinars and research papers written by industry experts.

  • Local Regular Membership: $75
  • Local Affiliate Membership: $100
  • National Regular Membership: $450                         
  • National Affiliate Membership: $495



Becoming a Member

You can contact any of our officers for information on membership, or you can choose the type of membership below and send in the completed form along with your dues to the address listed on the form.